Loujaina Alassil

Syrian born Loujaina has channeled her artistic talent into children books, cartoons and other works for children. She is a graduate with a degree of fine arts from the university of Damascus. As an illustrator of more than 65 children’s books published by different Arab publishing houses, Loujaina’s work is highly noted in the Arab world. She is the author of three children books in addition to several scripts for children’s magazines. Loujaina has worked on 10 animated cartoons and has also provided the script and artwork for 26 episodes of a children’s TV program. She has won several awards and honours for her work including the best poster design for the Arabic Cinema festival in Famek, France in 1995, first prize for the best book layout at the Beirut International book fair in 2008 and the Anna Lindh prize for children with special needs books in 2010. She is a member of the Plastic Artists Union and the Arab Journalists Union.
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